Important Questions

Important Questions to
Ask Before Renting


What type of security features does your storage facility offer?
Computer controlled access, access activity with printout.

Does A-1 Eastside provide the locks for the storage unit? Who keeps the key?
Bring your own or purchase a new, sealed lock from our office.
ou keep the key, you control who has access.

Do I need insurance for my goods while they are in storage?
Homeowner or rental insurance typically covers items kept in storage.
Check with your insurance.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?
No. All A-1 rental agreements can be month-to-month.
Rent only for the length of time you need.

Why 20-hour access?                              
20-hours of access per day, weekends and holidays

Will my things be protected from  moisture?
With pitched roofs & concrete floors our units are moisture resistant. 

What size unit do I need?                         
See Choosing a Size and Price.